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Business Rates

Our experts are highly experienced in checking, challenging and appealing business rates valuations set by the Valuation Office. With our team on your side, you can be sure that the amount you pay is always accurate and kept to a minimum.

As an approximate 25% cost to a business, the challenge, and management of business rates is an essential part of keeping occupational costs to a minimum.

However, we understand that your time is precious and you need to concentrate on your own business. That’s why you get a personal caseworker, dedicated to giving you friendly and hands-on support at every stage.

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We provide a free initial consultation at your convenience and then if you want to accept the ‘No reduction in liability = No fee’ basis. We will undertake the entire ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal' process on your behalf with minimal disruption to your business.

Key questions for Tenant/Owner Occupier/LandLord

  • Do you think your Rateable Value is incorrect? Click here to upload the property address and one of our specialist team will contact you.
  • Are you occupying a building that is currently having work undertaken?
  • Are their parts of your building that you are not using?

Key questions for Landlords

  • Do you have a tenant vacating?
  • Are you refurbishing or redeveloping in between tenancies?

Our team provides a complete Business Rates advice service:

  • We inspect the property to ensure that the Valuation office have the correct information – ‘The Check’
  • If we consider the Rateable Value is incorrect, we ‘Challenge’ the Valuation.
  • If the Valuation Office disagree with the Challenge, we may recommend an ‘Appeal’

This service includes appealing rateable valuations, but also looks at ongoing factors that may affect that valuation.

We provide a caseworker (Chartered Surveyor) to each client and they will provide one point of contact for a client to report changes in how the building is used, if external factors are affecting the use of the building etc. These changes may facilitate a short-term rating reduction. We call this managed rating and we are proud of the many successes we have achieved for our clients.

Let's talk Business Rates.

If you want to know more about our Business Rates services, please call us on 0191 493 4890 (9am—5pm Mon-Fri) or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

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