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Property Management

Our property management consultants work on behalf of both commercial landlords and tenants to ensure their property and premises are meeting their long-term commercial needs.

A regular complaint from both property owners and their tenants is that they have no meaningful contact with their property managers, they do not know the status of their property; or know where to go for help.

That's why we are committed to providing an efficient, friendly and hands-on approach so you can relax knowing you're in safe hands whether you're a landlord or a tenant.

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Key questions for Commercial Landlords

  • Are you struggling to manage your property ‘in house’, and is this taking you away from your core business activities?
  • Are you confident that the asset value of your property is being maintained?
  • Are your tenants meeting their repairing obligations of their leases?
  • Are you in control of your tenants’ activities for internal works?
  • Are your tenants’ lease charges being collected promptly?
  • Are you recovering all possible expenditure via the building service charge in accordance with the tenants’ leases?
  • Are your tenants’ disputing services charges?
  • Do your service charge accounts meet the RICS Professional Standards?
  • Are the client accounts (as provided by your agent) accurate, understandable, and meeting your accounting requirements?
  • Is your property compliant with statutory health and safety requirements?
  • Is your property being maintained to its highest standard?
  • Does your building meet with the specific conditions as laid down by your property insurers?
  • Is your current agent demonstrating best value for money?
  • Is your current agent maintaining excellent tenant relationships to ensure that your tenants are happy; and so they know where to turn when they are experiencing difficulties?
  • Does your current agent make regular contact with you to keep you up to date on your property matters?

Whether your answer is 'YES', 'NO' or that you simply ‘DO NOT KNOW’, contacting Robertson Simpson today for free expert advice could save you money; ensure that the investment value of your property is maintained, and give you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

How can we help?

We understand your time is precious and that you’re looking for a managing agent who can take away your day-to-day property management headaches.

Our team provides a complete management service for multi-occupied office buildings, retail, business trade parks, industrial estates, and mixed-use developments.

Day-to-day management

We can take over the day-to-day management issues for your property. Our dedicated accounts team will collect your lease charges (rents, service charge, and buildings insurance) on your behalf, we will set service charge budgets and reconcile your year-end accounts.

Contract negotiations

We will manage contracts, organise maintenance, and deal with all tenant issues.

We can also negotiate all lease events: lease renewals, rent reviews, break clauses, or re-gearing a lease, to improve your investment value by increasing income or reducing occupational costs.

Always there for you

We believe that regular client and tenant contact is crucial, and one of our great strengths lies in excellent client and tenant liaison and regular inspection. Because we work so closely with your property, we intrinsically understand its needs.

For the times when we are not on site, we provide your tenants with a 24/7 online contact portal to report issues to us. Of course, we are always available by telephone should your tenants prefer.

Your lease charges are collected by our dedicated credit control team, who operate under a strict system to swiftly bring in your monies and to quickly deal with any struggling tenants to ensure that arrears situations are avoided.

In order to both maintain your property and keep it compliant with statute and health/ safety requirements, we are supported by excellent external teams to provide a maintenance service which is efficient and provides best value.

Key questions for Commercial Tenants

  • As a commercial tenant, you may unknowingly be in breach of your lease terms. Are you meeting the repairing etc. obligations of your lease?
  • Are you paying for larger than expected service charges for your premises?
  • Is your landlord maintaining the property in accordance with the service charge provisions of the lease?
  • Are you concerned that your landlord may not be meeting their obligations for statutory health and safety for your building?
  • Do you need advice on how to meet your occupational requirements for statutory health and safety?

Whether your answer is 'YES', 'NO' or that you simply ‘DO NOT KNOW’, contacting Robertson Simpson today for free expert advice could save you money. We will help you understand the terms and conditions of your lease and provide essential guidance for maintenance, repair, and health & safety.

Let's talk Landlord and Tenant.

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